Lift Your Spirit with Balanced Bellydance

Do you struggle with energy or feel overwhelmed?

Do wish to be able to dance with ease and flow?

Do you find it difficult to connect to a higher source?

Do you want to ignigte a soulful spark within your dancing?

Do you wish to liberate your dance and follow your bliss?

Do you want to experience your spirituality through dance?

Do you need more bliss and surrender in your dancing?

Unlock Your Bliss Through the Power of Balance

SPIRIT Module - Dancer's Testimonials

Dear Keti & Shemiran, thank you both for creating this enlightening progam. Just to hear those ideas and perspectives on Bellydance. Yes I believe it does effect our every day lives."

Barbara, Australia

"This is going to transform the belly dance world! It feels so appropriate that these issues are raised and brought back to the individual, self knowledge and self empowerment."

Guinevere, Wales

"I found it so deeply validating hearing all the content regarding the feminine aspects. The way you have mapped out the inner terrain gives people a clear and tangible path to navigate."

Magda, Australia
"Love it, such a joy, will be very interested to see where it takes me - feeling very grateful to you and Shemiran for your part in this journey."

Jenny, Australia
"Thank you both for sharing this valuable material, after watching the videos it confirmed the importance of balance and how it affects dance."

Olga, France

Than you Keti Sharif an Shemiran Ibrahim, for providing such wonderful materials that keep on giving new opportunities for growth and changing perspectives!!

Kelli, USA  

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Balanced Bellydance Foundations
Module 1 SPIRIT

Can be purchased individually for $57 USD.
Contains 5 x Study manuals, 5 x Audios,plus
4 x Experiential Videos and Exercises.
PLUS BONUS free Intro Module valued at $37.

$57 USD

Balanced Bellydance Foundations
The Full Program

Includes Intro Module, plus 4 Room Modules:
1) Head, 2) Heart, 3) Body and 4) Spirit
All 5 x parts normally $265 USD, individually.
Purchase Full Program - Discounted Price!

$147 USD

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