How the Balanced Bellydance Foundations Program is
Creating a Shift for Bellydancers Worldwide

"This course feels like a life saver, a chance to experience once more my initial joy in the dance. As a teacher/performer for over 20 years, I've experienced burn out more than once. Thank you!"

Jan, UK

"I love this course! I'm so grateful for the work and being part of this course and its beautiful energy. I feel clearer now, my year is already all planned for my dance school ... it's exciting!"

Joany, Canada

"This is going to transform the belly dance world! It feels so appropriate that these issues are raised and brought back to the individual, self knowledge and self empowerment."

Guinevere, Wales

"Thank you so much for having the vision and drive to create the Balanced Bellydance course. It has been so liberating to work through this course ... so much trust in this safe space."

Samantha, Australia

"I'm currently chipping through the Head Room at present and already feeling in a comfortable place. I was definitely out of balance. Teaching took a lot out of me. My body, mind, heart and spirit has cried out to me to come home. So, thank you. I am coming home."

Kelly, Australia

Dear Keti & Shemiran, thank you both for creating this enlightening progam. Just to hear those ideas and perspectives on Bellydance. Yes I believe it does effect our every day lives, it is grounding."

Barbara, Australia
"Thank you both so much for sharing your wisdom! This has been an amazing journey that honestly, I think I'm just now really realizing - the changes in thought processes, the leaning on emotions as well as mind, listening to what feels healthy, what feels supportive, and saying no to what doesn't."

Kelli, USA
"I can’t thank you enough for providing us with a lifetime of learning resources in this our Balanced Belly Dance Course. From the Head to the Heart to the Body to the Spirit Room, it seems everything one would want to know to enhance their dance practice is here!! This my first time through, I can say, I only brushed the surfaces of this wealth of material. It is extremely generous of you both to allow us lifetime access to the Facebook group and thus the course, as returning to it over time is a way to chart how we keep growing and what we still need to focus on. Returning to it over time is a way to chart how we keep growing and what we still need to focus on."

Charlotte, Canada
"Dearest Shemi & Keti, thank you so much for having the vision and drive to create the Balanced Bellydance course. It has been so liberating  to work through this course and to share each week's discovery with you both. Your generosity of time in responding to every week's comment has been so nurturing and has helped build so much trust in this safe space.

As you could see through the journey, I had a few epiphanies, the most fulfilling being my re-connection to music - I've even started learning a new instrument and picked up my singing practise again! Not at all dance related but definitely  a direct effect of having undertaken  this course - and that has become very obvious, that this course didn't just benefit my dance, but was a holistic approach which has had a wide-scale effect on many aspects of my life.

I'm very excited about some new directions to explore to continue the realignment and have many new practices I'm implementing. I'm planning to do the course again later this year and see how much difference  it has made in my life (I think it will be significant!)."

Samantha, Australia

"Thanks Keti and Shemiran. In my 40+ years in belly dance I have been seeking this type of information - I would find a little something here and there, it is awesome to have it assembled and presented in such organized and inter-related manner. For me, it seems that all the puzzle pieces are here and fitting together. I feel it is a very powerful program."

Della, USA

"I've been enjoying the balance bellydance online course. It's exactly what I've been praying for. Already getting relief from my right hip after reading the first two units about the head room and listening to the music you sent me. Amazing healing! Thank you for listening and collaborating to create a very extensive, creative, course in what us as women are needing today! 
In gratitude."

Elena, USA

"Shemiran, thank you so much for the wonderful video you created with Keti! It motivated me to relax and dance with joy again. Lately I felt the pressure to create the dance or learn a dance and I lost my the joy of it because I was getting out of balance. Now I feel more balanced because of your video!"

Sophia, Australia

"The way you have integrated and drawn on the lineage of ancient wisdom and traditional teachings seems to allow for the unbalanced to come home, returning to right relationship.  On a personal note I found it so deeply validating hearing all the content regarding the feminine aspects. The way you have mapped out the inner terrain gives people a clear and tangible path to navigate. The factual and grounding way this was discussed offered just as much validity as what the tangible, structural and methodic masculine aspects of the dance present. It has been such an important gap you have addressed. It almost feels like healing a wound, now that the ointment has been applied the healing can take place. I deeply look forward to witnessing how this will transform and rebirth the current system."

Magda, Australia

"Love it, such a joy, will be very interested to see where it takes me - feeling very grateful to you and Shemiran for your part in this journey."

Jenny, Australia
"This is wonderful... exactly what I needed. We've experienced this - especially in the last several years. For me, the teacher this is so helpful."

Ariellah, Canada

"Thank you, so informative and I needed to hear all. There are very few Bellydance teachers that take the time to explain this. I'm grateful... it answers a lot of my questions"? 

Maria, Australia 

"This is indeed a very important and critical topic. I am encountering many dancer-teachers facing these problems."

Kay, China
"I love this information. I have quit dance so many times, although it still draws me so strongly. These videos give me hope. I am grateful for them."

Nancy, Canada
"Really enjoying the written material - very, very helpful for the journey. Will keep you posted as I work through. Many thanks!"

Liana, Australia
"This package is educational and empowering for all women worldwide and I am very happy that two such masters of the dance have come together to share their knowledge, expertise and love of bellydance to the world - congratulations."

Kasey, Australia
"I’m really happy to see the real importance to mix “mental” activities (such as Dance History or learning rhythms) with “emotional” and “spiritual” freedom (as when improvising to music)."

Valeria, Italy
"The messages in the video gave me freedom to think about the dance and the pressures we feel - the ones we put on ourselves and the ones we sense from our community. It's comforting to know that this is a shared experience."

Fifi, Australia

"There are very few Bellydance teachers that take the time to explain this. I'm grateful for this & it answers so many of my questions."

Maria, Australia

"Thank you Keti and Shemiran for your beautifully presented and helpful advice."

Pam, Australia
"Thank you, Keti and Shemiran. It's a great program, I'm excited! All this positive shift is so amazing!"

Joany, Canada

"Thank you both for sharing this valuable material, after watching the videos I confirmed the importance of balance and how it affects dance."

Olga, France

"I wish you so much success with the release of this new training system. I am sure it will be embraced globally, as the core of it has so many universal principals integrated."

Magda, Australia

"I've been feeling that I'm only experiencing the joy of dance in short bursts. But I really feel that these videos are helping me."

Jan, UK  

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