Balanced Bellydance Mentoring

The Private Facebook Mentoring Forum Offers
Powerful Supported Learning with Lifetime Access

Dear Dancers,

If you purchase the Complete Balanced Bellydance Set - with the 4 Modular Programs, you are able to purchase this powerful additional support - your Lifetime Membership to our Private Facebook Mentoring Forum.

This safe place provides an opportunity to be mentored by us personally all year round, step by step, unit by unit, as well as being able to share your course experiences and receive support from the friendly group.

Join us for Mentoring!

Studying at home on your own can be difficult to sustain.
Receiving personal mentoring with two world class educators
can deepen your experience and speed up your transformation.

Explore the Head, Heart, Body & Spirit rooms with Mentoring by Keti & Shemiran and our supportive community will support you on your journey.

Experiential Mentoring happens on our Private Facebook Page.
Its like a hop-on tour bus, just jump on board when you wish!

Mentoring takes place in a cyclic process during the year, and you can connect with others doing the program. It's like getting on a tour bus. Each month we explore a different module in depth, with weekly mentoring posts and opportunities to engage with a particular lesson and engage with the group. It is flexible, so you can hop on and off whenever you wish. We send out a monthy email to let you know when we start working in a specific room module and invite members to opt in for that month if they wish to receive additional email reminders of weekly topics.

2018 Schedule

Feb Free Month

Mar Module 1 HEAD

Apr Module 2 HEART

May Module 3 BODY

Jun Module 4 SPIRIT

Jul Free month

Aug Module 1 HEAD

Sep Module 2 HEART

Oct Module 3 BODY

Nov Module 4 SPIRIT

What Balanced Bellydance Participants are saying
about the additional Mentoring experience

"As you could see through the journey, I had a few epiphanies, the most fulfilling being my re-connection to music - I've even started learning a new instrument and picked up my singing practise again! Not at all dance related but definitely a direct effect of having undertaken this course - and that has become very obvious, that this course didn't just benefit my dance, but was a holistic approach which has had a wide-scale effect on many aspects of my life."

Samantha, Australia

"I have used the exercises in class and have found them to be a very effective... giving the class a very pleasurable experience. I agree that dancing sensuously does expand my intuitive senses. This allows my movements to flow freely and gives me more of a feeling of embodying the dance - the music. There is no struggle about what comes next, I am not dancing in my head and I have an ecstatic/euphoric feeling afterwards. It is a very satisfying experience. Shemiran thanks for this discussion.

Della, USA

"This course has been amazing created by two very inspirational and creative belly dance teachers. Shemi and Keti have connected every aspect of belly dancing together we have now travelled in every room. I personally feel I am now able to breathe, it has been a wonderful journey to be part of The Balanced Belly dance program Mentoring Course and the continuation of this group is a place we will always have.

Meri, Australia

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