Open Your Heart - HEART Modular Program

Does your Heart Room need Attention?

Do you struggle with improvisation and free dance?

Do wish to be able to dance with more emotion?

Do you find it difficult to 'relax and let go' in the moment?

Do you want to feel your life and story within your dancing?

Do you wish to enrich your experience and feel more joy?

Do you want to know more about music's effects on emotion?

Do you need more joy and love in your dancing?

You can experience this and more in your dancing when you Open your HEART!

Unlock Your Bliss Through the Power of Balance
Modular Program - Dancer's Testimonials

"Thank you both so much for sharing your wisdom! This has been an amazing journey that honestly, I think I'm just now really realizing - the changes in thought processes, the leaning on emotions as well as mind, listening to what feels healthy, what feels supportive, and saying no to what doesn't."

Kelli, USA

"In my 40+ years in bellydance I have been seeking this type of information - I would find a little something here and there, it is awesome to have it assembled and presented in such organized and inter-related manner. For me, it seems that all the puzzle pieces are here and fitting together. I feel it is a very powerful program."

Della, USA

"This course feels like a life saver, a chance to experience once more my initial joy in the dance. As a teacher and performer for over 20 years, I've experienced burn out more than once. I've been feeling that I'm only experiencing the joy of dance in short bursts. But I really feel that these videos are helping me. Thank you!"

Jan, UK
"Shemiran, thank you so much for the wonderful video you created with Keti! It motivated me to relax and dance with joy again. Lately I felt the pressure to create the dance or learn a dance and I lost my the joy of it because I was getting out of balance. Now I feel more balanced because of your video!"

Sophia, Australia
"I found it so deeply validating hearing all the content regarding the feminine aspects. The way you have mapped out the inner terrain gives people a clear and tangible path to navigate The factual and grounding way this was discussed offered just as much validity as what the tangible, structural and methodic masculine aspects of the dance present."

Magda, Australia

"As a yoga teacher, I really like what you have done to relate the importance of how energetic areas affect our dance. I can see how this can be tremendously helpful as teachers when we are assisting students to gain insights into their dancing, either as an observation tool or as a deliberate practice incorporated into our classes. Thank-you!"

Wendy, Canada

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