Enrich Your Mind - HEAD Modular Program

Does your Head Room need Attention?

Do you struggle with remembering choreography?

Do wish to be able to articulate your dancing more fluently?

Do you find it difficult to 'think on your feet' in the moment?

Do you want to understand more about movement technique, culture, musicality?

Do you want to know more about dance regions and geography?

Do you need more clarity and decisiveness around your dancing?

You can experience this and more in your dancing when you Enrich your MIND!

Unlock Your Bliss Through the Power of Balance
HEAD Modular Program - Dancer's Testimonials

"I'm currently chipping through the Head Room at present and already feeling in a comfortable place. My body, mind, heart and spirit has cried out to me to come home. So, thank you. I am coming home."

Kelly, Australia

"From the Head to the Heart to the Body to the Spirit Room, it seems everything one would want to know to enhance their dance practice is here!! Returning to it over time is a way to chart how we keep growing and what we still need to focus on."

Charlotte, Canada

I'm very excited about some new directions to explore to continue the realignment and have many new practices I'm implementing. I'm planning to do the course again later this year and see how much difference it has made in my life."

Samantha, Australia
"I’m really happy to see the real importance to mix “mental” activities (such as Dance History or learning rhythms) with “emotional” and “spiritual” freedom (as when improvising to music)."

Valeria, Italy
"Already getting relief from my right hip after reading the first two units about the head room. Amazing healing! Thank you for collaborating to create a very extensive, creative, course in what us as women are needing today! In gratitude." 

Elena, USA

"Thank you, so informative and I needed to hear all. There are very few Bellydance teachers that take the time to explain this. I'm grateful... it answers a lot of my questions"? 

Maria, Australia 

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