Bellydancers, How Do You Feel About Your Dance Life?

Bellydancing, its tradtional, classical, folkloric and fusion styles, can and should be:

Joyful, pleasurable, uplifting, transformative, and inducive of wellbeing.

It can also look beautiful, be presented with correct technique, and offer
the joys of musical interpretation, cultural enrichment & creative self-expression.

Bellydancing is a journey of discovery for the dancer, teacher & performer
that can boost self esteem & body confidence, and create friendships & community.
It affects the dancer's inner-life too, through the spectrum of awareness it develops.

Why is Balance Essential to Your Bellydancing?

All of these wonderful benefits happen consistently when your Bellydancing Elements are in Balance.
If you are not experiencing these feelings of wellbeing and joy in your Bellydancing Life,
it means something is lacking or missing from your dance, causing it to be out of balance.

Lack of connection to your dancing self, pain or injury, difficulty with technique,
lack of confidence when improvising, boredom with your dance classes or teaching,
slow business of you are a teacher or performer, strained relationships (live and online),
low or negative energy around any aspect of your dance life general feeling of
"falling out of love" with the dance, are some of the symptoms of this.

Yet, there is an answer and a way to truly enjoy Bellydancing in a way you love.
In a way that keeps the passion, spark and enthusiasm alive, and feels right for YOU!

Find the missing parts of your dance, and you can transform from absolutely wherever you are
in your Bellydancing experience, to a more soulful, powerful, pleasurable, fulfilling and uplifting
experience of your dancing, and life itself. Your art and life are deeply connected.

In 16 short minutes, this video tutorial from Middle Eastern Dance educators,
and supportive Teacher Trainers, Keti Sharif & Shemiran Ibrahim, who've trained thousands
of dancers worldwide, will help you start to identify your missing parts, to get you on the your path to

YOUR most personally authentic, beautiful and enriching experience of Bellydancing.

How Can You Find Your OWN Perfect Balance?

Do You Want to Feel More Joy & Passion
Within Your Bellydance Life?

Discover the 4 Keys that Unlock the Secrets of
Stunning & Soulful, Powerful & Pleasurable Bellydancing

The next step towards finding your balance is to pin-point your specific
missing elements, and how to re-integrate them back into your Bellydancing.

This is a powerful process you can do from home, right now, for Free:

Get Your Free Mini Training NOW!

• Receive Your Personal 4 minute Quiz
• 4 Mini Ebooks (Head, Heart, Body, Spirit)
• 4 Short Educational Video Tutorials

These will clarify exactly which parts of your dancing need strengthening,
for each of the 4 Keys to Balance in Bellydance.


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