Balanced Bellydance - The Complete Dancer - Foundations Program
12 Week Experiential Mentoring Course, starting February, 2017
Participants who have purchased the full Foundations Program, may join the enriching 12 Week Online Mentorship Course - with Shemiran and Keti. Each week, for 12 weeks (Feb-May 2017) you will be guided through the four modules and units of the Foundations Program, step-by-step with an immersive forum-style session each week. Receive extra materials and great weekly support. Upon booking, we will follow up with an invitation to the private Facebook forum. Bookings close Jan 31st, 2017.

  Start Date: Feb 1, 2017
Cost: $197 USD for 12 Weeks


Oceanic Dreaming Cruise, October 2017

Join the Oceanic Dreaming Cruise LIVE EVENT ex-Sydney, Oct 22-30, 2017 - a journey of a lifetime for bellydancers and their loved ones. CLICK HERE for all details.


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Shemiran & Keti