Free Your Body with Balanced Bellydance

Do you struggle with technique and movement precision?

Do wish to be able to dance with more passion and power?

Do you find it difficult to express your dance sensually?

Do you want to find the dynamic fire within your dancing?

Do you wish to enrich your movement skills and vocabulary?

Do you want to know more about body care for dancers?

Do you desire more pleasure and embodiment in your dancing?

Unlock Your Bliss Through the Power of Balance

BODY Module - Dancer's Testimonials

"I love this course! I'm so grateful for the work and being part of this course and its beautiful energy. I feel clearer now, my year is already all planned for my dance school ... it's exciting!"

Joany, Canada

"This package is educational and empowering for all women worldwide and I am very happy that two such masters of the dance have come together to share their knowledge, expertise and love of bellydance to the world - congratulations." 

Kasey, Australia

"The messages in the video gave me freedom to think about the dance and the pressures we feel - the ones we put on ourselves and the ones we sense from our community. It's comforting to know that this is a shared experience."

Fifi, Australia
"This is wonderful... exactly what I needed. We've experienced this - especially in the last several years. For me, the teacher this is so helpful."

Ariellah, Canada
"I love this information. I have quit dance so many times, although it still draws me so strongly. These videos give me hope. I am grateful for them."

Nancy, Canada

"This is indeed a very important and critical topic. I am encountering many dancer-teachers facing these problems."

Kay, China

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Balanced Bellydance Foundations
Module 1 BODY

Can be purchased individually for $57 USD.
Contains 5 x Study manuals, 5 x Audios,plus
4 x Experiential Videos and Exercises.
PLUS BONUS free Intro Module valued at $37.

$57 USD

Balanced Bellydance Foundations
The Full Program

Includes Intro Module, plus 4 Room Modules:
1) Head, 2) Heart, 3) Body and 4) Spirit
All 5 x parts normally $265 USD, individually.
Purchase Full Program - Discounted Price!

$147 USD

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