Balanced Bellydance - Authentic Artistry Program

A study course addendum to Essential Integration Foundations, taking you deeper into your soul, on a treasure hunt to find your artist within. Locate her, start a conversation with her, and find out what she truly desires from Bellydance. What is her authentic vision? Where does she want to go with the dance? How does she want to expand and grow? What are the colours, shapes, sounds, costuming that delight her?

What does she want to express to the world, and how are you going to execute it?

Every Bellydancer has an artist within. Learn to connect with her, and bring her out to the world; in a simple dance, or a project, or an event, or even a product that you release. Whether you want to develop your Authentic Artistry for your own soulful creative expression and fulfilment, or you want to learn how to develop business vision and serve the community with your creativity, this Balanced Bellydance program will support you on your creative journey.


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Shemiran & Keti