Welcome to Balanced Bellydance. We offer innovative self development study programs for dancers, to balance their dance lives. We believe, that by strengthening the individual, the entire community is empowered. We foster this for every student, teacher or performer of Bellydance, inclusive of all styles including classical, folkloric, fusion and tribal. We are passionate about bringing the bellydancer's knowledge, artistic expression and lifestyle together, so that they experience the profound and positive difference balance creates. Through our longstanding partnerships with dancers and teachers around the world, we continue to focus on serving the Bellydance community worldwide, by promoting the benefits of a balanced Bellydance experience in ever evolving, effective and innovative ways.

What Can Balanced Bellydance Programs Offer You?

You Will Discover Wonderful Ways to:
About the Creators of Balanced Bellydance

Shemiran Ibrahim and Keti Sharif are established and internationally respected Middle Eastern Dance educators and authors, dedicated to the growth and enrichment of the world-wide dance community. Together, they have collaborated to create Balanced Bellydance, bringing their comprehensive knowledge and decades of experience to these new programs.

Iraqi-born Shemiran Ibrahim is the creator of the award-winning 'Bellydance from the Heart' Teacher Training Method and the Unveil project. She brings her intimate, life-long connection to, and understanding of the essence and subtleties of the Middle Eastern dance experience to participants.

Keti Sharif, choreographer of A-Z Bellydance, published author, and director of the Sphinx Festival, spent 20 years conducting cultural research whilst living in Egypt, including archiving Farida Fahmy's life work. She offers indepth perspectives on musicality, culture and the energy of movement value.
www.ketisharif.com and www.faridafahmy.com

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