A few of the many emails we have received about Balanced Bellydance
"This is going to transform the belly dance world! It feels so appropriate that these issues are raised and brought back to the individual, self knowledge and self empowerment."

Guinevere, Wales

"Your courses are very positive as well as being very informative. I feel that your courses nurture me and help to keep me grounded in the dance."

Della, USA

"This is wonderful... exactly what I needed. We've experienced this - especially in the last several years. For me, the teacher this is so helpful."

Ariellah, Canada
"This is indeed a very important and critical topic. I am encountering many dancer-teachers facing these problems."

Kay, China
"Love it, such a joy, will be very interested to see where it takes me - feeling very grateful to you and Shemiran for your part in this journey."

Jenny, Australia
"Really enjoying the written material - very, very helpful for the journey. Will keep you posted as I work through. Many thanks!"

Liana, Australia
"This package is educational and empowering for all women worldwide and I am very happy that two such masters of the dance have come together to share their knowledge, expertise and love of bellydance to the world - congratulations."

Kasey, Australia
"I’m really happy to see the real importance to mix “mental” activities (such as Dance History or learning rhythms) with “emotional” and “spiritual” freedom (as when improvising to music)."

Valeria, Italy
"The messages in the video gave me freedom to think about the dance and the pressures we feel - the ones we put on ourselves and the ones we sense from our community. It's comforting to know that this is a shared experience."

Fifi, Australia
"Dear Keti & Shemiran, thank you both for creating this enlightening video. Just to hear those ideas & perspectives on Bellydance &  yes I believe it does effect our every day lives, is grounding."

Barb, Australia

"I'm currently chipping through the Head Room at present and already feeling in a comfortable place. My body, mind, heart and spirit has cried out to me to come home. So, thank you. I am coming home."

Kelly, Australia

"I love this information. I have quit dance so many times, although it still draws me so strongly. Impossible to give up completely. But these new videos give me hope. I am grateful for them."

Nancy, Canada

"There are very few Bellydance teachers that take the time to explain this. I'm grateful for this & it answers so many of my questions."

Maria, Australia

"Thank you Keti and Shemiran for your beautifully presented and helpful advice."

Pam, Australia
"Thank you, Keti and Shemiran. It's a great program, I'm excited! All this positive shift is so amazing!"

Joany, Canada

"Thank you both for sharing this valuable material, after watching the videos I confirmed the importance of balance and how it affects dance."

Olga, France

"I wish you so much success with the release of this new training system. I am sure it will be embraced globally, as the core of it has so many universal principals integrated."

Magda, Australia

"I've been feeling that I'm only experiencing the joy of dance in short bursts. But I really feel that these videos are helping me."

Jan, UK